For the sake of science, you have begun your descent in to a cave that you found somewhere in the jungles of Africa. You’re an esteemed geologist and you just won a Nobel prize, or something like that. You got some prize money with that piece of gold so you can fund your exploration accordingly. You’re only a couple of hundred feet in to the cave, but it’s depths are blacker than black. You’ve got a rope tied at the waist so you don’t get lost. Your flashlight isn’t as strong as you thought it was going to be, so its meek beam of light is but a sheep among a pack of wolves. You’ve got faith in those locals you just hired to keep you safe, though. I mean, you only just met them yesterday but they seem like they’re well-meaning people. They seemed a bit worried that you wanted to explore this dilapidated cave, along with other locals you attempted to recruit for this escapade. They kept going on and on about something. Your knowledge of the language is a bit crude, but you were able to pick up some words. You deduced that this “monster” they speak of is just a myth. The dead air is beginning to stack as you delve deeper in to the black and you feel lightheaded. Before you know it, that cave opening is but a speck in your vision. You keep putting one foot in front of the other and… at this point, you’re not even sure you’re conscious anymore.

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The Details

Wisconsin’s Jon Mueller and New Orleans’ Duane Pitre are both towering figures in the world of avant garde sound. Mueller has notched up an astounding amount of albums and collaborations in the past (including two on this very label) and while most of his time is spent eking out unusual textures from his plethora of percussive instruments, he can also be spotted moonlighting as the drummer for main-stage indie act Volcano Choir. Pitre, having retired as a professional skateboarder (seriously), has also amassed an enviable catalogue, collaborating with Eleh and Cory Allen among others, and releasing on a variety of labels in the process.

Inverted Torch finds the duo meeting somewhere in the middle ;Mueller’s familiar patter (this time on a collection of gongs) is matched with Pitre’s bowed cymbals and his expertly realized collection of Max/MSP patches.

The album is made up of two pieces - ‘No Longer of Our Time’ and ‘A Fading Light Within its Place’, both taking influence from a poem (also titled The Inverted Torch) by Edith Matilda Thomas. This might seem inconsequential at first, but the duo used the text as the starting point in a process that allowed them to discuss change, life, time and human action as they blended real-time performance with synthetic elements seamlessly.

The push and pull between electronics and “real” instruments is a conversation artists have been struggling with for decades, but Mueller and Pitre somehow make their collaboration sound effortless and decidedly organic. Blissful, unique and oddly moving. Inverted Torch is a record that defies comparison and encourages patient, deep listening.

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