Espais is a soundtrack for a movie that doesn’t exist yet. John Beltran’s ochre-colored record brings to mind the calm before the storm, and the precious moment when the storm leaves and the sun’s rays break through the clouds. Beltran goes between this amalgamation of post-rock, ambient, drone and neo-classical and with seventeen tracks, you should expect some variance. Espais also walks the line between being gloomy and blissful. The world Beltran has created on Espais should remind you of a lonesome beach, a vast desert, a humid jungle or even the quiet of a suburban street in the middle of the day – the sun, whether covered or uninhibited, is always present. There’s an underlying hope under all the seeming misery you’ll hear on Espais. This is definitely a record you’ll want to have in your arsenal if you’re needing some inspiration or something soothing in the background. For (at the moment) roughly $20, you get more than your money’s worth. Listen to the Espais preview below via the SoundCloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

John Beltran continues his relationship with Delsin Records with the release of a new ambient album, Espais in summer 2015.

Beltran has long been a master of his art, turning out seminal LPs and EPs on labels like Peacefrog, Millions of Moments and Text Records. Back in 2013 he released the well received Amazing Things following a wide ranging compilation on the label, and in the near future he is to release another full length project, but first comes this.

Espais is an absorbing soundtrack featuring 17 pieces of immersive, sonically lush and rich music. As he has throughout his career, Beltran makes use of modern techniques and classical composition to craft a wide range of blissfully soul soothing moods and supple, subtle grooves.

Tracks like ‘Espais’ are uplifting and heavenly with their sombre chords, ‘Přestávka’ is angelic and crystal clear, where ‘Ruimten’ is rather more meaning and forbidding. Its textures are frazzled and almost industrial. Elsewhere efforts like ‘Dream Tangle’ blend synthetic machine made sounds with more organic strings and the results are truly moving throughout.

Unfolding like a proper journey with a carefully threaded narrative, this album is yet another testament to Beltran’s ability to sculpt sound in intricate and compelling ways.

Price $21.81

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