Jim O’Rourke, one of the hardest working names in music, had one of his numerous collaborations released on to vinyl on the Italian label Die Schachtel. Giovanni Di Domenico and Jim O’Rourke’s Arco is a soothing and extraterrestrial foray in to the wonderful world of ambience – at least this is what I can deduce from the preview available on SoundCloud. They bring some other talented musicians in to the fold as well, to realize this new age-esque journey. This (unfortunately) comes in at almost thirty-four minutes – and I mean “unfortunately” with a meaning of “I wish this could be much longer.” Compositions such as Arco are the perfect things to get lost in if you want to meditate or hammer away at some work. I think a music video accompanying this should take the cover and the essence Basinski’s d|p and mash them together – footage of a zeppelin slowly making its way over an arid desert with the gigantic sun in the foreground, with the heat waves completely visible. Listen to previews by going to the SoundCloud player below and by clicking through the EU buy link, and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

Starting with this release (despite the fact that its catalog number numerically precedes ZEITC 017CD), Die Schachtel switches its Zeit Composers series to the vinyl format and begins opening up to international artists besides the usual Italian suspects. This LP features the collaborative effort of Belgium-based composer Giovanni di Domenico (of Italian origins) and avant-everything master Jim O'Rourke. A long composition for strings and electronics, Arco is a piece for sustained tones and drones, vividly immersive and almost physical. The subtly shifting tones, the way the overtones interact with each other, the evolution of the piece, are all impeccable, much in the vein of acclaimed composers like Catherine Christer Hennix, Éliane Radigue, and David Behrman, although with a "warmer" soul. It explores the antinomy between stillness and movement, building toward a hypnotic (and rewarding) aural experience. In Giovanni di Domenico's words: "Arco is born out of two necessities, strongly interrelated: 1) creating a sonic space where the concept of waiting (patience?) can turn into form, and 2) doing this together with Jim O'Rourke, a musician who finds in form and its use his true greatness; The structure of the composition is quite simple: it is based on a cell of four repeated notes (the 'DNA' of the piece), forming a melodic/harmonic texture which slowly freezes into suspended, levitating chords, in which the passing of time itself becomes a sort of harmonic extension, and in which the strings and the splendidly rich sonic palette of the electronics fuse into the true essence of Form." Each LP contains a 90x30cm-long tri-folded silver-and-black offset art print designed by Dinamomilano. Edition of 350. Giovanni di Domenico: string score; Jim O'Rourke: electronics. Ananta Roosens and Benoit Leseure: violins; Nicole Miller and Jef Durdu: violas; Marine Horbaczewski and Jean-Philippe Feiss: cellos.

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