It is a cold day in the United States today. This Arctic front is doing its number handily, especially with wind chill. The cold, however, begs for a fitting soundtrack. Today, I bring to you another release from the magnificent Own Records with Jared Smith’s Fjall. On Fjall, we hear Smith create warm sound experimentation with his guitar and calming samples. This record is especially fitting for today as part of it was recorded in Iceland. Fjall is asking you to sit down and take it all in. Tracks such as “Tracing Curves Below” or “Quiet, For a Time” give off an air of uncertainty with pages blowing and rippling in the wind. You hear faint cries of children while the strings struggle to make whole notes. The ending track “Burnout” is anything but. The strings guide the album down gracefully from its place in the clouds. Check out Fjall below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Jared Smith, formerly releasing music under the moniker “Smyth”, is a musician, photographer, and programmer living in San Francisco. In his third release, Fjall, meaning “mountain” in Icelandic, Jared Smith provides a stripped down departure from his previous albums. Whether it’s the melodic rapping of a flagpole in front of Hallgrímskirkja church, the hollow clatter of a loose street-tile along Bergstaðastræti, or even the warm, comforting sound of coffee brewing from within flat in Reykjavík, Jared Smith is able to find the music in the micro and the mundane. Fjall explores the fear that disables enjoyment of beautiful moments, the fear of repeating mistakes, the fear of what a new path will bring. Recorded in the summer of 2012 between Reykjavik, Iceland and Tallahassee, Fl.

RIYL: Marcus Fischer, Machinefabriek, Stephen Vitiello, Oval
released 07 May 2013

Price $13.64

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