RIYL: Rafael Anton Irisarri, The Sight Below

Label: Ghostly

Polish composer Michał Jacaszek has been tinkering and experimenting with ambient soundscapes for well over a decade now, but I feel like he really found his voice in 2011’s full-length Glimmer.  Here, he found a meeting point between ambient minimalism and the heart of Poland, a collection of nine songs blanketed in rich ambient drone, field recordings and cavernous studio production.  It aches with melancholy, but you can feel its warmth seeping through the cracks.

With his newest material, he’s added a delectably eery female vocal accompaniment, a gorgeous marriage with Jacaszek’s otherworldly synth creations.  Check out the 2 available tracks below from his forthcoming album Kwiaty, and be sure to grab a copy of of it on ‘purple suspension’ vinyl from the evercool Ghostly International.  Michael Cina hits another home run on the beautiful cover art.

The Details

Purple suspension vinyl limited to 800 copies worldwide
Standard weight vinyl inserted in to printed inner sleeves, 2-panel reverse-finish outer jacket
Vinyl includes download card
Artwork by Michael Cina

Additional Images

Price $18

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