RIYL: Boards of Canada

Label: Field Records

Happy New Year’s Eve and to some already, Happy New Year! I felt the title of this release was fitting for the last day of 2015 – a time when you go over what you’ve accomplished and what you’re going to accomplish next year. Not much is known about Michel Isorinne, according to Delsin‘s synopsis, but this is apparently one of many monikers (“lies” as Delsin calls them) the man releases under. This is part of a three-part EP series which Field Records is embarking upon, after releases from L’estasi Dell’oro (whom I wrote about (in two days from now) exactly one year ago – funny coincidence), Kartei, and D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. “Blurred Perceptions of Substance,” the album’s opener, serenely spreads its wings amidst rain fall, bird chirps/calls and thunder. Isorinne’s piano chords leisurely ebb and sway amongst the equally aquatic and avian collage… it leaves me wanting more of this. After the intro, he dives in to this somewhat kitschy electronic space voyage reminiscent of Blue Gender or what you might associate with space documentaries from the days of yore. I find the change jarring but to each his own, eh? Listen to the preview of Recollections of Forgotten Dreams below by clicking through the Buy Now button and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Like any good story, the story of Field Records has been one that comes in chapters. After three excellent full length projects from Kartei, L’estasi Dell’oro and D.Å.R.F.D.H.S., the label moves forward with a three-part selection of solo artist EPs from Staffan Linzatti, Szare and Isorinne in the coming months.

The third and final chapter in a three-part EP series from Field Records comes from Michel Isorinne, who has released a number of tapes under various lies in recent times. Little else is known about the man but for the fact that he makes earthly, organic ambient that is filled with found sounds and subtle progression.

The first track ‘Blurred Perceptions of Substance’ proves exactly that, with its tweeting bird calls, horizontal church bells and the distant and gentle patter of rain all soothing the brain. The thoroughly absorbing mood continues through all six tracks, which range from downbeat and sombre to more cautiously optimistic.

The sounds of crinkled paper, big organs, heavenly chords, gently tumbling, slo motion drums and lots more besides all colour these tracks to perfection. To put them on and tune in to them is to forget about the outside world and get lost in emotive soundtracks that transport you to another place entirely.

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