RIYL: Lo-Fi Downtempo Witches

Great news! This highly sought after release is getting a second run on vinyl!

Limited Edition Clear Vinyl 12″

French artist In Love With A Ghost has released their first piece of wax and they are going fast!
Healing is such a fun little release that has these funky/weird interludes that bridge these real amazing full tracks that pull me into this release again and again.

In the midst of fluffy and minimalist orchestrations or 8-bit intrusions, melodies are unveiled. The atmospheres are mixed and will transport you to another dimension : the carefully crafted IN LOVE WITH A GHOST universe.

Poetic, rich and complex “Healing” tells us a history of encounter, witch, magic and friendship. Stories that everyone can appropriate by taking inspiration from the titles, the illustrations and of course the haunting melodies that make up this original soundtrack of an imaginary video game devised by the young french composer.

The Details

My favorite three tracks:
2) i was feeling down then i found a nice witch and now we're best friends
5) i know it's not easy but you're not alone anymore
8) let's walk across this forest, i can feel that everything is real again

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Price $14

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