Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Ian William Craig has a voice that rivals an army of cherubs – as it should, because he’s a trained opera singer. As stated on Recital, Craig “delivers a balance between theatrical and ambient elements.” A Turn Of Breath could be your ascent in to the heavens, space or descent in to the ocean. There’s a very thin line that separates Craig’s voice (should I say presentation?) from spiraling in to total chaos, but he’s able to straddle the line strongly and we get a result that’s mostly made of clouds and frankly anything you’d associate with divinity. This is one of those albums you might regret missing in 2014 when you put together your list. The first pressing of 500 sold out, so chances are this second pressing is going to as well. Craig’s debut is nothing short of unique and I doubt you’ll hear anything like this. Check out two songs from A Turn Of Breath below and see what you think of them. Cheers!


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The Details

Recital here presents the premiere LP by vocalist Ian William Craig (b. 1980, Edmonton). Ian, a trained opera singer, delivers an elegant balance between theatrical and ambient sentiments. A Turn of Breath combines the essence of a choral LP from Angel Records or Deutsche Grammophon with the spontaneity of experimental home-recording.

This collection holds twelve works for voice and 1/4″ tape, recorded from 2011-2013. Voice appears as the Sun’s light through a vast storm; still obscured by tape malfunctions and manipulations. A system of reel to reels is employed, which yields a lovely sort of morphing repetition. Each iteration crumbles as more harmony is placed on top, residual tones spilling off the sides into nothingness.

Craig’s innate ability to sing beautiful, sorrowful melodies carries each track. The pieces on A Turn of Breath vary from grand choral meditations to quiet interludes, and even a few impressionistic ‘songs’ accompanied by faint acoustic guitar. An overarching warmth resonates through each side, making this a very pleasant listen. A suitable compliment to a pot of coffee in the morning or a glass of armagnac in the evening.
First Pressing of 500 LPs; (Sold out)
Standard edition of 375 on black wax with colored insert. Includes digital download.
Deluxe edition of 125 pressed on infused bone & fuchsia wax, includes a supplemental CDr, “Short of Breath”
Second Pressing;
Edition of 250 on infused ocean-blue & black wax, with colored insert (different insert artwork than first pressing). Includes digital download.

Price $18.95

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