This year, your spouse has convinced you to spend the holidays with her side of the family. ¬†“Of course!” you exclaim. ¬†“After 5 months of dating, it’s about time I met them.” ¬†She smiles and hands you a plane ticket. ¬†“Antarctica? ¬†Sweet Lord,¬†are you serious?”

Two weeks later, you’re hobbling out of the crash site with a deep gash in your right leg. ¬†The wheels, having frozen¬†shut inside the aircraft, provided little assistance on the way down and, needless to say, the landing was a bit rough. ¬†The plane, now split in two, fortunately kept both of you alive. ¬†Even more fortunate, your girlfriend’s family is only about a half mile away. ¬†Your¬†open wound is a bit of a problem in this weather, so making haste is the best (and only) option.

Mr. and Mrs. Klyrfindlicx are waiting outside their domed igloo with a fresh cup of ice cold slush, smiling ear to frozen ear. ¬†Once inside, you’re able to relax a bit. ¬†It’s only about¬†-50¬įC in there. ¬†After a hearty meal of penguin steaks, you gather around the ice sculpture of a tree and begin the gift exchange. ¬†Mr. Klyrfindlicx saunters over to his turntable and puts on a perfectly circular sheet of ice onto the slipmat.


It’s The Humble Bee’s recent full-length She Possessed the Secret For Listening to The Stars. ¬†The music numbs you to the core. ¬†You begin to shakily open your gift, praying it’s a pair of mittens or a matchbook. ¬†Nope, it’s ice. ¬†Merry Christmas, yall.

The Humble Bee & Players’ new ambient album Snowflake is¬†sold out on Boomkat and most distros, but Anost’s store appears to have some remaining copies. ¬†Previews of the songs can be heard after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

LP+CD : Ltd. to 280 copies, White vinyl in wrap-around artwork and PVC jacket. CD contains Bonus Material.

Price $31

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