This year, your spouse has convinced you to spend the holidays with her side of the family.  “Of course!” you exclaim.  “After 5 months of dating, it’s about time I met them.”  She smiles and hands you a plane ticket.  “Antarctica?  Sweet Lord, are you serious?”

Two weeks later, you’re hobbling out of the crash site with a deep gash in your right leg.  The wheels, having frozen shut inside the aircraft, provided little assistance on the way down and, needless to say, the landing was a bit rough.  The plane, now split in two, fortunately kept both of you alive.  Even more fortunate, your girlfriend’s family is only about a half mile away.  Your open wound is a bit of a problem in this weather, so making haste is the best (and only) option.

Mr. and Mrs. Klyrfindlicx are waiting outside their domed igloo with a fresh cup of ice cold slush, smiling ear to frozen ear.  Once inside, you’re able to relax a bit.  It’s only about -50°C in there.  After a hearty meal of penguin steaks, you gather around the ice sculpture of a tree and begin the gift exchange.  Mr. Klyrfindlicx saunters over to his turntable and puts on a perfectly circular sheet of ice onto the slipmat.


It’s The Humble Bee’s recent full-length She Possessed the Secret For Listening to The Stars.  The music numbs you to the core.  You begin to shakily open your gift, praying it’s a pair of mittens or a matchbook.  Nope, it’s ice.  Merry Christmas, yall.

The Humble Bee & Players’ new ambient album Snowflake is sold out on Boomkat and most distros, but Anost’s store appears to have some remaining copies.  Previews of the songs can be heard after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

LP+CD : Ltd. to 280 copies, White vinyl in wrap-around artwork and PVC jacket. CD contains Bonus Material.

Price $31

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