RIYL: Hammock, Eluvium, The Album Leaf

Label: Ghostly International

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and electronic music producer Keith Kenniff has carried the ambient Helios project since 2004 and kept it remarkably relevant over the years, from the twinkling piano hammer that you can feel hitting the strings to the grandiose synth textures and field recordings that hit your ears like a soft breeze.  He breathes music, whether it’s through his post-classical Goldmund project, his dreamgaze pop group Mint Julep or his children’s music project Meadows, but Helios is without a doubt his most renowned among active listeners.  Without Kenniff’s mark on ambient music, we may never have had Hammock, Julianna Barwick or Balmorhea.  He’s that important.

Veritidas marks the 10th album for Helios, and according to his new label, Ghostly International, the record “introduces unusual shapes and landscapes to the Helios catalog. Whereas past songs have followed traditional structures — discernable bell curves with beginnings, arcs, and ends — the focus here is texture and harmony.” Even if there is a change in approach, I’m confident that any fan of post rock or ambient music will still find plenty here to love.  Only 750 copies are being printed on marbled beige wax, so I wouldn’t expect these to be around very long.  Grab one after the ‘buy’ link and listed to first available track Seeming below.

The Details

Marbled beige vinyl is limited to 750 units worldwide
Cover artwork by Oliver Barrett
Design by Luke Twyman

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Price $19

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