Until 2012, Jakub Alexander was known to me as a main writer for the globo-inspirational design/music blog ISO50.  Together with Scott Hansen (Tycho), they would make killer playlists and discuss the intricacies of typography, vintage decor and modern design.  Then, Jakub birthed Heathered Pearls, an experimental electronic project oozing with early 80s VHS tape nostalgia.

Very similar to Boards of Canada and Oneohtrix Point Never, ‘nostalgia’ is a main character in the Heathered Pearls equation.  Specific sounds are painstakingly mined and edited through the vast aisles of old educational cassettes, late night local access shows and B-movie horror soundtracks to craft a collage of memories and emotions.  For the 80s kids, these kinds of albums are flashback goldmines, and Heathered Pearls adds tight drum loops to make it infectious and danceable.

Ghostly International has 350 copies of the album on clear wax after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

• Coke bottle clear vinyl limited to 350 copies worldwide
• Vinyl is inserted in to 2-panel, 3.5mm spine art sleeve printed
jacket with emerald foil stamp
• Vinyl Includes download card

Price $18

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