RIYL: Baths, Steve Hauschildt, Gaussian Curve

Label: Ghostly International

2010 was a big year for Will Wiesenfeld, debuting the critically-acclaimed Cerulean LP on Anticon Records as Baths. That project has grown and evolved over the years, but he still finds time¬†to expand on his first musical undertaking, an experimental ambient project called Geotic.¬† Early last year, Wiesenfeld came out with his biggest leap yet for¬†Geotic’s discography, 2017’s Abysma,¬†a much more structured approach to songwriting than the¬†minimal loops and samples from his previous records.¬† These new tracks actually felt like pop songs,¬†completed thoughts as opposed to highly-emotional fragments.¬† Both styles are gripping in their own right, but Geotic’s upcoming full-length Traversa reveals Wiesenfeld exploring the traditional pop song even deeper.

The first available track Gondolier¬†sounds like a lost b-side from The Postal Service, enlisting some staccato synth¬†leads and off-kilter rhythmic effects that¬†prevent it from feeling like another run-of-the-mill indietronic track that you’d find in your Tycho playlist on Pandora.¬† After a decade into the Geotic project, Will continues to keep it fresh and relevant.

Ghostly International has 800 copies of the record on clear green vinyl.¬† Check out the first track below and grab some colored wax after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Standard weight vinyl housed in a rainbow foil jacket
- Clear green vinyl is limited to 750 units worldwide
- Artwork by Jesselisa Moretti

Shipping out on or around October 19, 2018

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Price $21

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