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Label: Kompakt

This week ends on a high note for me, in more ways than one. High in the sense of the price of this box set (almost $200, kids) and high in the sense that Gas is one of my favorite projects. Wolfgang Voigt’s Gas project could be called the “producer’s producer” or the “musician’s musician.” Gas may not be the household name like it should, but Voigt, under Gas, has influenced many “household names” today such as The Field and Tim Hecker. You sometimes come across a piece of music, or an album, and you’re so dumbstruck you feel as if you’ve lost control of your bowels. You feel euphoric (and I use this unironically) and you start to wonder how something this amazing could exist. I sought out all these albums on CD, when they were LONG out of print by the time I got them so I could listen to them lossless without having to pirate. I found a factory sealed copy of the first printing of Pop for $40 actually.

I was driving down a dark road, either side was covered in decaying trees and disparate mobile homes, when “Pop 4” came on – that was my first time listening to the album in full. I ripped that sucker right out the jewel case and put it in. Frankly, I couldn’t get it in the player fast enough. I had one of those “moments” though – one where you found something that clicked so well with something, that you’re rendered speechless. One of those “moments” where you realize you only get to listen to the thing for the first time once. One of those “moments” where you start to become saturated with despair at the idea that you might never again encounter something of this magnitude. Voigt redefined what ambient music could be, and reinforced its inherent, intense meditative qualities.

I’m going to be purchasing with, yes, pain because this is $200, but joy that I get to hear these life-changing recordings in an extended format – the way they were meant to be heard. If you haven’t heard any Gas albums, you’re in for a treat. Just close your eyes and focus on the lustrous, palatial production. You’ll come away from the listening experience with something. For me, it’s that every time I see the name “Gas” I start hearing those bells from “Pop 4.” The self-titled, Konigsforst, Zauberberg and Pop are all special. Admittedly, I have yet to hear anything from Oktember due to its rarity, but I wait with bated breath to hear it in its new capacity. Listen to a few of the albums below via the YouTube streams and see what you think of them. Cheers!


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The Details

Available for Pre-Order. Release is announced for Oct, 28th.

GAS remains Kompakt co-owner Wolfgang Voigt's most acclaimed and influential guise in his illustrious music career. Established as a series for his ambient works influenced by his experiences in Germany's Königsforst, he originally released through legendary electronic music imprint Mille Plateaux.

These albums have achieved near mythical status influencing countless musicians including TIm Hecker, Soulseekers, The Field to name a few. GAS has been hailed as "a wondrous high point in the history of electronic music" (Pitchfork) and "some of the most influential albums of the 90s" (The Guardian).

KOMPAKT now prepare to offer our most ambitious and comprehensive release in our history. Long out of print, the four core releases of GAS; ZAUBERBERG, KÖNIGSFORST, OKTEMBER and POP are finally released the way Wolfgang originally intended them to be - original masters uncut and packaged in their original design - a highly collectible, limited edition box set including an art book commemorating the series featuring Wolfgang Voigt's work.

GAS BOX - a long awaited document detailing a period of electronic music that has been lost but not forgotten.

Price $190.99

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