This is the new collaboration from Gareth Flowers + Josh Mason on the beautiful Sunshine ltd. records. Gareth Flowers is a trumpet player i never heard of until now. Josh Mason is not only the label owner of Sunshine ltd., he released several beautiful minimal experimental records on different labels like Scissor Tail, Own Records or last years Tape, Lp and 5 x 7″ collaboration box “Line Drawings” on Desire Path Recordings / FET Press / Digitalis. This records sounds different, because the trumpet is quite present and it gives the minimal sounds of Mason an almost jazzy feeling. the Record itself is divided in 4 tracks presented in 4 parts.  1. The Awareness 2. The Confusion 3. The Fear and 4. The Resignation. The titles fits perfect to the mood both create. it’s a dark and lonely record perfect for late night listening. If you like Arve Henriksen, Supersilent or others on Rune Grammofon  you should really check this one out.

The Details

Silent Period’ follows the arc of a long night/early morning following an unknown event that has led an enigmatic main character into self-exile. The four movements of the album mirror four different and specific states of being related to the protagonist’s experience and expectation: uneasiness, confusion, fear and relief.

In addition, there are 4 special ‘Evidence’ copies housed in black archival boxes and inserted randomly into the stock and only available via Sunshine Ltd. mail order. These special copies each correspond to one of the four movements and contain tangible clues pertaining to the events of the night in question.

Edition of 250 — Black Vinyl w/ Full Color Jackets

Price $16

Gareth Flowers + Josh Mason—Silent Period from sunshine ltd on Vimeo.

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