Any time this year (or early next year), Randall Nieman’s eleventh proper album Dirty D will be released upon the world filled to the brim with guests such as Suki Ewers (Mazzy Star) and Mark Refoy (Spacemen 3) in the mix. “Sun is Shining” is the first single coming from Dirty D but sadly there is nowhere to preview the track at this moment in time. Apparently, though, Ann Shenton of Add N to X is seen on this single and they haven’t worked together since the beginning of the century! From the way the vinyl design is described, it seems pretty swell. Perhaps it will be trying to mimic the close-up of the eye on the cover, which is also pretty swell if I do say so myself. Shucks.

The Details

You can PRE-ORDER this single now - but it is not released until 29th July and will not be shipped until a week prior to release.

The first single from Füxa’s forthcoming Dirty D album, ‘Sun is Shining’ b/w ‘Inside’ presents the two rapturous extremes of Randall Nieman’s experiments with melody, repetition and synthesiser manipulation. ‘Sun is Shining’ is a beautifully deranged, Suicide-with-sunstroke warning lullaby against nuclear warfare (‘don’t let it burn your eyes in…’), and sees Füxa rekindle a partnership with Ann Shenton of Add N to X. Thirteen years have passed since the artists originally locked synthesisers on the Add N to Fü(X)a EP (also on Rocket Girl), and the playful deliriousness of that collaboration has retained its blistering buoyancy here.

Where ‘Sun is Shining’ offers solarised rapture, ‘Inside’ is distinctly lunar, crepuscular. Two elegant, electronic chords play out over a tumbling, weightless bass line, offering a sound that could have emerged from deep space or the deeps of the sea – and reiterates Nieman’s mastery and versatility in honing a most extraordinary form of pop.

This limited edition 7" (500 only) is on yellow sunshine coloured vinyl with blue splashes

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