Füxa just keeps blowing up with these limited edition releases! Randall Nieman has announced that he’s going to re-release one of his prized singles, “Photon,” on a colored vinyl that matches the pronunciation of his name in case you forgot how to do so – fuchsia. If I were to introduce anybody to Randall Nieman’s expansive space rock project, this would be the first song I would direct them to. It’s bright, it’s soothing, it’s got tamborine and most importantly it’s definitively space rock. On the B-side of this single, Anthony Ausgang has contributed an etching – whether it’s an original or a past piece, I do not know.  Ausgang, of course, designed the cover sleeve. If you pre-order this right now, you can get Füxa’s latest release Frequencies for Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Healing for absolutely no cost; it’s usually $15! This is supposed to be a Record Store Day release, but I wouldn’t chance your store having a copy available since these are going to be so scarce. Of course, I’m going to recommend you pre-order it since you essentially get two cool releases for the price of one. Frequencies for Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Healing is actually my favorite release of the year so far. Listen to “Photon” below.

The Details

This is a very special release for Record Store Day!
Fuxa - 'Photon' is limited to 250 copies only, on fuchsia coloured vinyl.
The single features a new mastered stand alone version of the beautiful and timeless Fuxa track 'Photon'
The B side features an etching courtesy of the wonderfully talented Anthony Ausgang
In full colour sleeve with artwork also by Anthony Ausgang.
If you order directly from Rocket Girl, you will get a link with a free download code for this Fuxa album, which usually costs $15:

Price $15.08

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