Füxa (pronounced like fuchsia), modern space rock pioneer Randall Nieman, released one of my favorite records of 2012 in, well, the summer titled Electric Sound of Summer on Rocket Girl Records. This is also his first proper LP since Supercharged, which was released in 2001. Mr. Nieman and company do not disappoint with this collection of space rock gems. Among his collaborators count Britta Phillips (of Luna and Dean & Britta), who contributes the female vocals heard on the closing track “Some Things Last a Long Time,” Dean Wareham (of Galaxie 500 and Dean & Britta), Mark Refoy (of Spiritualized and Slipstream), Willie B. Caruthers (of Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, and freelovebabies (his solo project)) and more. Nieman crafts a cover of  “Cheree,” a classic from the synthpunk duo Suicide, that is entrancing, calming, and slowed in to a ten minute and a half minute piece. My favorite track off the album, “Thank You Jesus,” wouldn’t sound out of place on a Broken Social Scene record after the 2:20 mark with its use of trumpets, sparse synthesizers and jangly guitars. The artwork may look a hint familiar in style to some, and that’s because Anthony Ausgang is the same artist who painted MGMT’s Congratulations cover. The picture disc features Mr. Ausgang’s artwork as well. The only sobering fact about this is the conversion rate of the British Pound to the US Dollar (well, I guess almost any currency since the pound is quite strong) and when you factor in overseas shipping costs… Regardless, give it a listen with the Spotify stream of the album below.

The Details

This vinyl is a limited edition of 500 copies only - PICTURE DISC (artwork by the wonderfully talented Anthony Ausgang)

The LP also includes a bonus track Bubbles and Flugelhorn, originally on the Rocket Girl compilation (rgirl74) last year

A decade in the making, Füxa– comprising Randall Nieman, alongside Tom Meade and special guests – returns with nine songs of supercharged seasonal splendour. Electric Sound of Summer is perhaps Nieman’s most cohesive record yet, in that the ever-present swirling synthesisers and uplifting melodies have been perfectly blended to form a new kind of pop music. It is at once heart-warming and goosebump-inducing – an album of stirring contrasts. Sophisticated guitar and piano lines share the sonic canvas with childlike, playful electronic experiments, evoking a spirit of both sun-blind optimism and wistful tranquillity.

Price $28

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