I wont bother putting my two cents in, because the label page has really hit the nail on the head on why this release deserves your attention:

Tides’ is the debut album from Manchester-based producer Matt Brewer aka Frameworks. Since the release of his first EP ‘Vanish’ back in 2012, Frameworks has been building a loyal following for his atmospheric and haunting compositions.

Tides’ sees him joining the dots between instrumental hip hop heroes Aim and RJD2, the epic soundscapes of Cinematic Orchestra and the deft songwriting of Bonobo.

If you, like me, are a fan of any or all of those artists, then this is a must listen.

There’s only a couple tracks available off of the record at the moment (perhaps until release date 23 March 2015) , but from what I’ve heard this is an insta-buy in my books.

– Limited to 300 copies
Black Vinyl LP



The US distributor for First World Records is GroovDis.com.
Keep an eye out HERE for copies to potentially pop up for sale there.

“The bedrock of the album is instrumental with Frameworks’ trademark string-laden productions taking in cinematic jazz (‘Patience’), folk (‘End’) and more uptempo fare in the shape of ‘Breathing Light’ and ‘A New Sun’. Tides’ shows just how accomplished Frameworks is as a producer and composer, showing a lightness of touch and genuine song-writing talent that few can emulate.”

The Details

Limited Edition Vinyl Version of Tides, Artwork by Matt 'In All Forms' Bailey

Price $18

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