Spaced out guitar drones blended with folk elements creates something that is quite reminiscent of a Windy & Carl work, but is Foxes in Fiction’s and Benoît Pioulard’s completely. A sample of a confused woman musing about not being able to see herself in a mirror opens up the A-Side “Ground Glass” and from there, analog and acoustic fuzz swell up together. Hildebrand and Meluch (Foxes and Benoît respectively) have voices that just blend artfully within the chorus. Although releasing in the summer, this A-Side exudes a winter vibe with the sleepy nature of the analog distortion and the feathery acoustic guitar chord mantra. Sadly, I can’t seem to find the B-Side, “Etalon,” so I can link it to you for a listen. On Wool Recordings’ website, a quantity isn’t specified and just last night, Thomas Meluch (via the Benoît Pioulard Facebook page) said he was only given five copies of this 7″ for him to sell – with all of them flying off the shelves within 30 minutes of his posting. However, listen to “Ground Glass” below via Soundcloud and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

New limited and silkscreened 7inch of Foxes in Fiction + Benoît Pioulard
Warren Hildebrand (aka Foxes in Fiction) and Thomas Meluch (aka Benoît Pioulard) have been acquaintances for a number of years, brought together by their shared presence on Brooklyn's Moodgadget imprint. Meluch's first-ever release was the Enge 7" (2005) for that label, and Hildebrand later made a splash with his debut LP Swung from the Branches (2010). During a solo tour of North America in 2010, Meluch played Hildebrand's hometown of Toronto and invited him along on the following day's journey to Montreal, during which the two became fast friends and the idea of a collaboration began to take shape. Some months later they finally began exchanging songs and files, eventually building up to the two epic pieces heard on this, their debut 7" for Wool Recordings.
"Since a young age, Thomas Meluch has been fascinated by natural sounds and the textures of decay. He began playing piano before his feet could reach the pedals, and for more than a decade has sought to create a unique sonic environment by combining remnants of pop song structures with the lushness and unpredictability of field recordings. A veteran drummer of a half dozen bands and an avid collector of instruments and analog devices, Meluch relies on guitar and voice as the bases for his work as Benoît Pioulard."

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