Dub techno is one of the latest electronic music movements which I continually hope will thrive and spread throughout these United States. Basic Channel, a German duo, are the underappreciated progenitors of dub techno and since their arrival in the scene 20 years ago producers from Russia, Serbia, Iceland, the UK, and now here (to name a fraction of the countries coming out of the woodwork) are planting their roots in to this historical underground movement. For this release, I’ll have to give Peco’s Dub Techno Blog a shout-out for the tip off via his Facebook page. Federsen, a San Francisco producer, is releasing this single as the premier release on the brand new Fifth Interval label. Hopefully, as time goes on, Fifth Interval will be delivering a great catalogue of dub techno. “Point Reyes,” the A-Side, is a great dub techno track to start with as it has all the lovable characteristics of the genre – a pulsing, heavy bass, iced out reverberated dub chimes, and an adroitly placed drum machine using a hi-hat cymbal to maintain a tempo. “50 Hz” calls upon more of the reggae roots dub techno displays, with a sharp bell chime, a ska-like rhythm, and more of a breakbeat bass drum supplementing the entirety. Isodyne’s remix of “50 Hz” drowns it in a pool of dub, giving it a ghostly vocal sample and the result is just seedy. If you like Dub Techno Blog there is a chance to win this limited 12″! Below, I’ll link a YouTube video where Peco elaborates a little bit on this. Click through the Buy Now link to listen to samples of all the tracks on this single and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Kicking off the new Fifth Interval label, San Francisco based dub techno producer Federsen heads up the premier release.

The title track is a hazy dub techno trip filled with washes of tape delayed chords and crisp snares while the B1 track – 50Hz is a far more broken affair, 140 BPM gear comparable to the likes of Deadbeat and Strategy.

For the final track, Isodyne (one half of Forward Strategy Group) shakes up 50 Hz, slowing it down to an incredibly weighty 115 BPM, finalising an excellent release with something for discerning DJs of all tastes.

Edition of 300 pressed to 180gsm 12” black vinyl with heavyweight card insert.

Price $12.24

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