Justin Wright, aka Expo ’70 (or 70, depending on how you would like to stylize it), has a lot you can sink your pearly whites in to sonically and physically. The man’s released a lot of music in his twelve years of existence as Expo ’70 – check out his Bandcamp after you get done reading through this quick scrawl. July 18, 2004 lives up to its name as it was the first recording of Wright’s Expo ’70 venture and it appears that this was done in one take; this was entirely improvised. Wright’s first spawn sounds like he’s your navigator through the universe moments after its beginning. You would think that the elements he introduces in to this soundscape are supposed to be, at the least, disconcerting but they’re actually quite relaxing. Wright’s July 18, 2004 is for those times you need to meditate to escape from your life for a brief moment. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of the album below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

First recording by the concept that became Expo 70 featuring Justin Wright, and members from Bipolar Bear. Originally released on Kill Shaman as a CDr edition.

released 25 November 2014

Recorded live at Infrasonic Sound Studio July 18, 2004 by Pete Lyman.
Recorded direct to reel-to-reel, mixed by Pete Lyman.

Music performed was purely improvisational.
This recording: Justin Wright, Paul Kneeje and Bryan Levine.

Layout Design by Justin Wright.
Mastered by Scott Colburn, 2014.

Originally released on CDr by Kill Shaman 2004.

Price $20

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