Temporary Residence Ltd. – a label which anyone with refined taste will look highly upon. They’re a label which many writers here at Sly respect and enjoy. Eluvium is one of their many fine artists on the roster and he’s coming at you with a hefty box set with all the finishings. You get seven records, which play host to five full-length albums and then some. Each box set is hand-numbered and handmade and on top of this, you get a library card that is hand-signed by both Matthew Cooper (Eluvium) and his go-to artist – Jeannie Lynn Paske. $150 isn’t chump-change for anybody (outside of multi-millionaires and beyond), but you need to take in to account everything that comes with this – the limited nature, Eluvium’s following, the labor to hand-make & number this and the fact that you’re getting something hand-signed by the artists. Is there enough ambient/neo-classical in the world? The answer to that is no – never. There’s never enough in your collection either, I guarantee you. Listen toย Nightmare Ending, one of the albums included in this box set, via the Spotify player and watch the preview on YouTube below and see what you think of it all. Cheers!

The Details

Life Through Bombardment Vol. 2 collects every Eluvium recording made since the release of the first Life Through Bombardment set back in 2009. Packaged similarly to the first set -- a library-style clothbound hardcover book with seven distinct sleeves featuring new original artwork by longtime collaborator Jeannie Lynn Paske -- this is the first time these recordings have been released on vinyl. This awe-striking, super-deluxe set includes the albums Similes, Static Nocturne, and Nightmare Ending, as well as the b-sides, remixes, and bonus tracks that accompanied them. Also included is Wisdom For Debris, the rare album that accompanied Paske's art book of the same name, and finally Curious Things, a full-length bonus album of rare and previously unreleased material recorded from 2009-2015.

As with the first (long out-of-print) volume, Life Through Bombardment Vol. 2 is strictly limited to 1,000 copies. Each is hand-assembled and hand-numbered, and includes a removable library card signed by the artists.

Price $150

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