RIYL: Hammock, Stars of the Lid, The Album Leaf

Label: Temporary Residence

Portland ambient artist Matthew Cooper’s relationship with Temporary Residence Records started back in 2003 with his full length debut Lambent Material.  2016’s False Readings On will mark his 8th release with the label and, yet again, remind you why he is one of the ambient genre’s finest composers.  It’s not easy making music that explores the use of minimalism and still manages to be engaging.  Similar to labelmates Explosions in the Sky, Cooper humanizes his tools in a way very few can.

Newest single Fugue State is one of the artist’s most joyful tracks to date, incorporating an otherworldly operatic vocal over his immense synth layers and ethereal loops that feels both familiar and alien.  It’s as if an orchestra on a distant planet reinterpreted a piece of classical music from our own canon.  Towards the end, the track dissipates into the cosmic noise that Jodie Foster’s character picked up from a satellite field sent from the star-system Vega in the 1997 film Contact.  The sample beautifully encapsulates Eluvium’s sprawling, measureless ambience, evoking the same humbling feeling we get when we look up at the stars and realize how small we are in this vast universe.  Listen to it below and grab a copy of the new album on grey vinyl after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

False Readings On is the new album from renowned experimental composer, Eluvium. Its creation was originally inspired by themes of cognitive dissonance in modern society. By its conclusion it had become a mirror rather than a magnifying glass, evolving into an hour-long meditation on self-doubt, anxiety, and separation from one's self.

2XLP - Light Grey-Colored Vinyl

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