Generally, you associate Hell with a certain Satan, along with a lake of fire that wreaks of burning sulfur and gnashing of teeth. A place where all the cries for help ringing in to your delicate ears would probably make you go deaf the moment that noise from their vocal chords hits your eardrums. Perhaps Hell to you is being the last one to go home from work, being stuck with a terrible group for some project at work or school (where you know that the only way it’s getting done is if you take the reins), going bankrupt, waking up with your face covered in acne because you decided to not wash your face before going to bed, withdrawal, not getting to the gym, having an allergic reaction… I’m sure you have something that would make life a Hell on Earth. Matthew Sullivan’s Hell on Earth is something befitting a soft snowfall up in the Canadian forest. Sullivan’s Hell sounds rather beautiful and ominous. If this is the soundtrack for damnation on earth, sign me up. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of Hell on Earth below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

With Hell On Earth, Matthew Sullivan embraces the foggy symbolism of great tribulation. Weaving the streets of Los Angeles, signs pointing to a rapturous date.

The album is a dense offering that embraces grit to create a pure ambient recording, nothing less. As a record, it is absolute, sonically blown out and powerful; never background music. Hell On Earth sits in the middle of the room and pulls everything into it.

Free from the trappings of the typical minimalistic, droning output many artists serve up, Earn’s Hell On Earth moves boldly and seems to sweep through an entire city like a strong wind. The melodies, while meditative, are never reserved — they move steadfast with grace.

There’s nothing light or sparse in these recordings — they are of substance, rigorous, and fluid. Hell On Earth is a jump in character, a swift change of pace, and an exercise in bending the innate into ominous immersion.

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