This is such a great album. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel after the first single but this album is one of the most solid I’ve heard this year. No throwaway songs, just great tracks from end to end.

This is a UK special from Rough Trade but they have a limited white vinyl version. It’s 19.99 gbp so that means a crap exchange rate for us in the USA. You can also grab a not limited black version on their bandcamp page.

Stream this one for sure.

The Details

Deptford Goth release new album 'Songs' on 37 Adventures. After the groundswell of adoration for his album debut 'Life After Defo' and the live shows that followed, 'Songs' is his second record of intensely slow-burning gems. Where the former was more affiliated with those seamless blenders of dreamy synth-pop, R&B and soul, 'Songs' adds elements of singer-songwriter tradition to his irresistibly yearning electronica. Over 11 chapters, from dark to light and various points in between, 'Songs' is a unique landscape of the mind, body and soul, and one of 2014's most beautiful.
LP - Limited copies on white vinyl.

Price $32

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