Technically, there are 300 copies pressed but there are only fifty available for direct pre-order. I’ve harped on these strings time and time again, but they still ring true to this day – dub techno is niche but its following is loyal. If you take a look around the Echospace Bandcamp page, you’ll notice that every vinyl and CD (which are also limited) release is sold out. Dub techno releases generally don’t last very long on other labels, either. This is DeepChord we’re talking about now – in the modern dub techno landscape, he arguably reigns supreme alongside Yagya. I’m shocked there’s even any pre-orders left for this at the moment. “Electromagnetic Dowsing” is a roughly twelve minute track that’s drenched in dub goodness and makes the time go by like you wouldn’t believe. Rod Modell’s production is nothing less than pristine and “Electromagnetic Dowsing” is a great showcase of his adept layering; it shows “DeepChord” isn’t just a name. Check out “Electromagnetic Dowsing” below via the YouTube video and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Limited Edition (300 copies for the world), one-sided release with "The Lost D-side" of Deepchord's now classic "Electro Magnetic Dowsing" originally appeared as no less than three different 12' singles on Mike Huckaby's revered S Y N T H imprint out of Detroit. Spun by Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Omar S to Laurent Garnier. An absolute MUST for the heads!

Price $15

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