Merry Christmas Eve! Let me say that I am glad that I’ve come across Own Records because they are turning out to be a treasure trove of ambient music. David Andree and Josh Mason are two ambient artists that have joined forces to create even more ambient music and the results are awesome. The intro track “(in)” gives you a dolloping spoonful of peace and calm with its muted piano drones and chimes of various stringed instruments and percussion. “(in)” can gracefully rock you to sleep if you want it to, but you’ll want to stay awake because the rest of these tracks are fantastic. After “(in)” comes “Winter To Spring, Further Than First Thought” and it invites you to take a walk by the lake in the moonlight and the violin that accompanies this piece is just perfect. “Ripple, Slight Breeze” continues the hypnagogic state Andree and Mason are inducing. “A Beacon, Peace And A Steambath,” “In Need Of Rest, Psalm Of Psalms” and “(out)” are the other track names – need I write more? Check out Call, Reponse below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. There’s also a cool music video that Andree and Mason made with an excerpt of “A Beacon, Peace And A Steambath” if you’d like to watch that.  Cheers!

The Details

"Call, Response" was conceived of as a long distance musical conversation between Josh Mason and David Andree. A single take of material performed by one artist was recorded to magnetic tape and sent to the other with the restriction that accompaniment be recorded in real time as well, closely simulating a live performance. Over time, as the players learned more about each other and their methods, an overarching quality to the body of work developed from their shared sensibilities. The call and response format allowed the voice of each artist to be present, interacting and intersecting, within a murky atmosphere punctuated by melodic fragments and moments of clarity.

RIYL: William Basinski, Kane Ikin, Mountains

Mastered by Taylor Deupree

Price $13.68

call, response from david andree on Vimeo.

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