RIYL: Tim Hecker, Trent & Atticus, Caterina Barbieri, Daniel Lopatin

Label: Mute Records / Phantasy Sound

Daniel and Alessandro first united in 2017 for the gorgeous, sprawling 12″ collaboration Water/Sun, a revealing look into their united interests, specifically the landscape between noise and melody and finding the perfect balance. Similar to singular electronic artists like Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin, Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini aren’t interested in making ambient music that you can ignore, but an enveloping experience that sinks in deeper with every new listen.

Their debut album Illusion of Time comes out in March of this year, but the title track just dropped today. Guided by a simple but profound synth loop, the song slowly unfolds into a vast, soaring mural of aural treasures, a complex layering of drone, noise and distant synth flutters. This is electronic music with a human pulse, a testament to how far the genre has come. Grab the exclusive clear vinyl pressing after the ‘buy’ link while supplies last. There’s an indie exclusive version on magenta vinyl as well if the clear variant sells out too quick. And it will sell out. Cortini fans don’t mess around.

The Details

180g crystal clear vinyl - Bleep exclusive
Embossing with machine gloss on sleeve
Limited to 500
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Estimated shipping: March 26, 2020

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Price $22.99

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