Back in January, I wrote about Celer’s fantastic Voyeur and I had assumed that Will Long (or Danielle Baquet-Long) just decided that they didn’t want Celer to be a two-man show anymore. That’s what I get for not doing my research. This may not be new to you, but it is to me: Chubby Wolf is dead. Danielle Baquet-Long died of heart failure five years ago and despite her moniker, she wasn’t in any way chubby if you go look at any photos of herThe Darker Sex is what’s considered a posthumous release. Going from the synopsis, it seems like The Darker Sex  (from the way the tracks are interwoven) is remnants of what was shaping up to be an entire album or they might have been thrown away by Baquet-Long for some other reason… I’m glad Low Point decided to bring this in to the daylight.

“Free Time Spent Dreading the Inevitables, Soaring in Availables, Wording the Operatives” is a foreboding, yet beautiful, tapestry of drone and otherworldly ambience. The former track and “If You Love Me…” are truly wonderful ambient soundscapes meant for space travel. The B-side “If You Love Me…” leaves me wondering if there was going to be a part two to finish that statement. I also wonder how much more posthumous material is going to be released… Check out The Darker Sex below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

R.I.P. Chubby Wolf

The Details

"Time moves differently with Chubby Wolf’s latest work of fluid sound art….more than a single, you're embraced and carried, pulled gently in one direction, urgently in another. You feel Dani had woven a tapestry of emotional choreography just for you. As with all her work, there is a sense of a personal touch…a slight weight of a hand on the shoulder, your skin gone electric where her sound has lifted you.

We sadly do not know what Dani’s exact intentions were with this music. Our only direct hint the title, 'The Darker Sex'. Even that, like a game of playfulness or frustration with a lover…which is the darker sex? But don’t you know? All of her work was a labor of love and gift to the world, and I believe we were meant to feel more then define. For here purgatory is not flat, it is pregnant and undulating with expectation and anticipation…and above all else, an effervescent timeless beauty. We will want to stay a while." - Maile Colbert, March 2011
released 04 April 2011
Danielle Baquet-Long: Voice, electric guitar, synthesizer, surpeti, drum machine, violin, bells, tambourine, piccolo, ghunghara.
Cover artwork by Jennifer Chen.
Mastered by Corey Fuller.

Price $7.37

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