Celer’s Sky Limits, from the synopsis, is backing music to the mundane but it sounds like so much more than that. Celer may as well strap you in to a rocket ship and take you out to space. Will Long’s compositions have never failed to sound grandiose. As far as I’m concerned, he should be creating scores for the likes of Interstellar and Ghost in the Shell. Sky Limits, from what I can hear in the previews, goes well beyond the sky and careens in to the ether of the cosmos. While Will Long is taking your astral projection to space, he’s also accompanying you on a walk through the land he calls home – Japan. Will Long is showing you how to pause for a minute and absorb how small you are in the grand scheme of the universe – you’re a fraction of a speck. If you needed music for meditation, Celer has you covered. Check out a preview of Sky Limits below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

Hill towns and empty mountains pass by, but the smoothness of the train blurs the view, and it's easier than ever to fall asleep in the low morning sunlight coming in through the train's windows. We're sleeping, or staring out at the cities and landscapes; it's easy to imagine the sound, and connect it with these events. There's a contrast and connection between this reality and imagination. They're separate, but happening simultaneously. On a walk through the crowded streets of Kyoto, or a half-asleep morning, what was it like? Later, what do you remember?

During a walk home one evening, I stopped on top of the street with a view over the train tracks, passed the intersection across from Mini Stop and the bakery, and went up the hill into the our neighborhood. There's a particular sound when you step on the entrance grate by the doorway, and when opening the mailbox. Someday, I won't be in these same places again, and for now, this is what they sound like. Even these minor moments are important when you look back on the memory, and then look out from this overlook, seeing the city lights blinking in the distance.

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