As I continue to dial back through Low Point‘s rather extensive catalogue, I continue to come across artists and bands that haven’t been talked about in a while or did not receive much attention to begin with. As I wrote in my last piece about Celer (specifically, Voyeur), they (now, he, I suppose) have released over one-hundred albums or EPs – that’s amazing, not to mention an extremely rare feat, to think about especially since Celer has been around less than ten years. Sadly, Chubby Wolf (Will’s late wife, Danielle Baquet-Long) passed away the same year this came out, yet Mane Blooms is apparently the first release Celer has ever put on vinyl. With Celer’s cult following, it’s a bit surprising to see that the duo’s first release on vinyl isn’t sold out and the price is practically a steal at this point – £4 or $6.63 for us state-siders right now. If you like majestic drone that is meant for space travel or meditation, Mane Blooms is just the record for you. Check it out below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

‘Mane Blooms’ is the very first vinyl release by Celer, the husband and wife duo Will Long and Danielle Baquet-Long

Seen by Celer as an 'outdoor' companion piece to ‘Brittle’, the duo’s album recently released on Low Point, the music on ‘Mane Blooms’ was created by multiple layers of cello and piano, which were then processed and played back at differing speeds. Also contained within the tracks are field recordings taken whilst Dani rode horses along the Californian coastline, a weekly pursuit that acted as a form of self-therapy and enjoyment.

With the music composed specifically with the vinyl medium in mind, the two sides of the record act as a mirror image. For the B side, Celer approached the music of the first track in reverse, inverting the structure and musical motifs established within the first piece. Altering the playback speed of the vinyl brings previously hidden textures to the fore, providing each of the tracks with a new identity and a different reflection of memory.

Price $6.63

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