RIYL: Freescha, Lusine, Ulrich Schnauss

Label: self-released

Erik Kowalski’s genre-bending experimental ambient project Casino vs. Japan celebrates its 20-year anniversary this year.  Pioneering electronic hybrid tones and moods though IDM, shoegaze, drone and abstract noise, Casino vs. Japan has inspired countless other ambitious electronic artists in its wake.  For the unfamiliar, check out his 2002 full-length Whole Numbers Play the Basics.  Sublime textures and decadent ambient aural treats await you.

His seventh full-length to date, the first since 2016’s Frozen Geometry, is titled Suicide By Sun, a collection of 22 tracks clocking in at 73 minutes of, in Kowalski’s, “emotive electric immersion”.  After hearing the first 3 available tracks, I couldn’t agree more.  “Suicide By Sun accrued across countless home studio sessions, slowly sequenced into four sides of narcotic reverberation, reflective loops, and dream-soaked delay. Guitar gestures refract into twilit horizons; hymnal drones swell and shimmer; smeared notes sway like lullabies of quiet communion. This is pensive, patient, personal music, mapped with feeling and finesse by storied hands.”

Only 250 copies have been committed to vinyl, a seemingly short supply based on his wide-reaching fanbase.  Listen to the tracks below and grab a slab of wax after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Black vinyl LPs in full-color double-wide spine jacket
Item ships out on or around July 5, 2018
Edition of 250

Price $20

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