Such a great release from Bonobo, very deserving of the 180g treatment. Not much really needs to be said here, I would guess you know the album and how awesome the band is. Listen below if you need more coaxing.

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180g limited edition repress. You will also receive the full album as 320 mp3's upon placing your order.

Right, let´s not beat about the bush: this album is, by popular consensus, the business. An awe-inspiring showcase of a young man´s staggering musical ability, ´Animal Magic´ has by now, in all probability, worked its way so firmly into the consciousness of the nation´s music lovers that it´s practically impossible to imagine life without it! Greeted with swoons of delight and vast mountains of fawning praise from the press on its release, its heart-meltingly lysergic melodies, with everything from bellchimes to backwards vocals weaving a thick gauze of sound around the tunes, slayed practically anyone who heard it. All the more impressive is that the album is founded not on principles of sampling, but of real live musicianship, with Simon Green, the man behind the monkey, playing all the live instrumentation on every track (not to mention producing the entire album himself as well). ´Animal Magic´ is not just an album that has an instant appeal, either: its depths are myriad and immersive. Your favourite track seems to change each time you play it, and new layers of sound are revealed with every return to its intruiging ambience and beguiling charm.

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