Damn what can we say, this must be a little like what it feels to be a band and get asked to do an encore when you didn’t even know if anyone was going to show up. Don’t get us wrong we know we had nothing to do with it, Blue Sky Black Death is amazing. This album is unreal & a must have on vinyl. But hey we’ll happily piggyback along with them!

If you didn’t grab the first press, sorry, but we are happy to give you the ability to own this gem. The sound quality on this release will blow your mind apart & this is cut from the exact same plates as the first pressing. This time we decided to go black vinyl, a classic.

We have already gushed over this album so i’ll refrain from running that road all over again, but check out our write up of the original here – 

Thanks for supporting Sly! The proceeds from this album go to supporting Sly & it’s efforts. We don’t even break even, but with your support maybe this year we will! Much love – scottywic

The Details

This is a pre-order. Will ship in about 10 weeks! Oct/Nov

Record Details

Second Pressing
Limited to 500
2xLP Gatefold
180 gram Virgin Black Vinyl
Side D is all exclusive music to this LP
Noir…succeeds in communicating incomprehensible hugeness through sonically detailed tracks with an almost narrative-like structure.” – Pitchfork

Deluxe Track List

Our Hearts Of Ruin 05:32
Sleeping Children Are Still Flying 06:00
And Stars, Ringed 05:10
To The Ends Of The Earth 03:54
Farewell To The Former World 05:34
Falling Short 01:46
Gold In Gold Out 05:20
Where Do We Go 04:37
In The Quiet Absence Of God 02:05
Where The Sun Beats 04:45
Starry 04:39
Fire For Light 03:53
Swords From Driftwood 02:46
Sky With Hand 06:40
To Hold And Hope 03:58
Sleeping Children Are Still Flying (Alternate) 03:50
Gold In Gold Out (Alternate) 05:17

Thanks to Blue Sky Black Death & All of You! for the tip!

Price $23

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