RIYL: A Cosmic Gift

Label: Macroscopic Vibrations

Available tonight (Nov 16) at 7pm PST! 50 copies will not last! Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

Limited Edition of 50 Numbered Black 180g Vinyl LPs
A-Side / B-Side Etchings | Spray Painted Jacket | Gold Foil Center Labels
“Earlier this week I went on a quest to find a place where I could paint 50 album jackets while riding by on my skateboard. It was a success!”blank-jackets“I used 2 separate vinyl lathes to cut this record, a Neumann-VMS70 lathe for the music and a t560 lathe for the letter etching in the middle of the record.
It was pressed on a manual press and only 50 were made. The jackets have all been hand stamped with numbers 1-50″
jackets-4“Most of the music is from an earlier album I released on CD titled “Music by Richard Houghten” – I included 4 new tracks on this vinyl that have never been released.
The last track “Cup” I made when I was 18, over 14 years ago : )
It feels really cool being able to release this music now. My 18 year old self would have never imagined having these tracks cut to wax! “
— Richard Houghten

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