Hauntingly beautiful, grounded yet transcending. The voice of New Zealand’s Alicia Merz is majestic in it’s ease of deeply resonant, calmly emotional strength. Like a moment of clarity, Alicia Merz has the ability to make the world stand still, if only for a moment.

Whether this is something completely foreign to your listening habits or not, Birds Of Passage will create a reaction. At first listen, I was taken aback by the depth with which such subtle tracks can effectively dig in. Merz owns these tracks with her angelic, whispery voice in a manner not unlike a memories ability to create a vivid, in the moment, remembrance of times past.

As effortlessly as breathing in and breathing out, Alicia Merz creates an atmosphere alive with the lush simplicity of a cool breeze on an early morning or a stroll through a warming Spring rainfall.

I must mention, in the attention I’ve paid to this artist I can say that the limited variants of her work don’t last very long. A lot of her past work is entirely sold out on both the colored and black vinyl editions.

Check out the track, Belle De Jour, down below!

The Details

Thick matte cover + thick matte printed inner sleeve, 180g vinyl, free mp3 download code. This is clear vinyl, strictly limited to 150 pieces!

Following 'Without the World' and 'Winter Lady', the New Zealander Alicia Merz of Birds of Passage returns with her third album 'This Kindly Slumber'.

Like a cocoon, this album will envelope you in its many layers. Quiet storms filled with ambient atmospheres, densely layered choral drones, fragile vocals. Harsh reverberation, gently lulled by sweet musings, offset by poetic and philosophical lyrics, ebb away into blissful ambience.

With allusions to dark-pop and classic broken-folk, the anti-climactic compositions of Alicia remind us that she is a singer songwriter for people who don't like singer songwriters.

Climb into the cocoon of 'This Kindly Slumber'. This place of refuge will find you when you most need it, take you to the world within its folds.

Price $21

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