January is an important month.  For starters, I was born.  Second, it’s the month when we discover all of the amazing music we overlooked the year prior.  All of that hard work putting together top 10 lists and ‘best of’ mix tapes…all for nothing.

Bing & Ruth came out on RVNG Int’l with Tomorrow Was the Golden Age in October of 2014, a gorgeous ambient work with sprawling orchestral and piano arrangements, rumbling synth warmth and cinematic sweeps.  It’s unavailable on Spotify, Rdio, Beats, but looky looky…it’s still available on limited blue wax.  You can’t have enough ambient music on vinyl, so get to it, comrades.

The Details

Intended to be experienced at both high and low volumes, Tomorrow Was the Golden Age is perfectly calibrated for meditative backdrops, burrowed headphone listening and utter captivation when performed live. Its sonorous palette inspires emotional response across a dynamic field, welcoming a journey to and beyond tomorrow’s promise.

Bing & Ruth’s Tomorrow Was the Golden Age will be released via RVNG Intl. on October 14, 2014 on double LP, CD and digital formats.

Thanks to Ross Gebhart for the tip!

Price $21

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