This is Beppu’s debut full-length and debut on a label, no less. The cover is definitely a bit unsettling if you take time to look at all the pictures. The one in the middle, the man with a knife under his eyelid, caught my eye first. In the top row, there’s someone with a disgusting looking rash, someone with a hole in the back of their neck and what looks like someone cutting open someone’s stomach. I want to chalk some of these pictures (namely, the rash and neck hole) up to fantastic Photoshop skills and hope none of those are real.  This should go without saying, but the macabre cover is quite telling. The material you’ll find on Coercion is brooding experimental exploration in to industrial, four-to-the-floor dark techno and noise. A Number of Small Things provided a great description which I put down in the Details section below. Check out some YouTube streams of three of the songs and see what you think of them. If those are not enough to satisfy your palette, click through the Buy Now link to hear previews of the other four songs. Cheers!

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The Details

Recored while reading Stanley Milgram’s ‘Obedience to Authority’ the feelings of claustrophobia and brutality are slowly revealed across the album. The set opens with ‘Agentic State’ - an exercise in atmosphere and rhythm before moving into the more confined ‘Obedience Experiment’. On side closer ‘Antecedent Conditions’ distant percussion interacts with analogue synths lying on a bed of industrial atmospheres.
The second side is where things take on a darker and more oppressive turn. ‘Situational Obligations’ ramps up the distortion levels alongside a hypnotic, overridden bassdrum, propelling the incessant keys to create a suffocating listening experience. ‘Remote Feedback’ keeps up the driving momentum before ‘Touch Proximity’ brings the album to a close by taking a steps back without offering any comfort.
Those who have noted the changes to the sound of The Boats of late will not doubt draw parallels to this latest solo transmission from one half of the duo.

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