As I continue to go down the Low Point list, my next pick is Ben Fleury-Steiner’s The Places That Find You – an enigmatic album of ambience that wallows and cogitates in a vast, scant-touched misty swampland. It’s his eighth, and his first, solo album on Low Point. His usual stomping ground is Gears of Sand, a label which the Delaware composer owns.

On “The Places That Find You,” my favorite track off of the album, you can hear the original drone musicians alongside the clatter of what sounds like spare change and pans, courtesy of Mother Nature – cicadas. This album was released almost three years ago, yet there’s still seven copies available – consider this your lucky day you Sly readers. Since it’s been on the shelves so long, it’s also cheaper than a normal Low Point release. It’s now £6, which is down from the usual £11. For us state-siders with our weakening dollar, that’s like a hundred dollars saved. A side note: that photograph used for the cover is nothing less than serene…

Check out The Places That Find You below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

“First impressions pull closer, strings and fizzles fall, carrying you, reaching further and ending up in an all-new place. Time is simple and less than a moment, with the lasting habit of a worn-out keepsake but nonetheless you are still immediately there again, inside those open arms and a world you have always dreamed of.

In homage to minimalism and imagination, 'The Places That Find You' by Ben Fleury-Steiner embodies an ultimate trance, the ability to connect directly with the listener and the truth behind the feeling of music from the heart. Far away but incredibly close, the five tracks forming this album never return to the ordinary but move, invert and grow, through time-lapse expressions and faded visions.

Some listeners want to be transported to other places through music, whilst others hear the technical artistry and find inspiration to delve deeper into the creative process. Without any direction and by simply following your own natural instincts, 'The Places That Find You' is a guide that places you instantly, allowing each listener to find more, not only through the music but from inside themselves.” Will Long, September 2011

Ben Fleury-Steiner is a Delaware-based composer, published author and owner of the Gears Of Sand label. Drawing upon his deep love of minimalism and influenced by the work of Mirror, Jonathan Coleclough and Tim Hecker, 'The Places That Find You ' was recorded over a two year period between 2009 to 2011.

The recording process made use of a mixture of instrumentation, including the use of the kalimba (the traditional name for a thumb piano) and the various sounds produced when played in the manner of a prepared guitar, coupled with more modern electronic instruments including effects pedals and synths.
released 24 October 2011

Price $9.9

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