Thrill Jockey just keeps finding spare copies of their sold-out releases, and I’m ok with that. In the spirit of Christmas, Barn Owl handed these over to the label which will hopefully end up in your deserving hands. At press time, there’s only seven copies left of this so if you like Barn Owl you don’t need to be reading this – jump on it. The Headlands is a blending of neo-classical brooding and drone worthy of soundtracking the most titanic of tidal waves. “Levitation” is for those times when you take a look at Santa’s tray of cookies (that you toiled over for hours because you love him that much) and contemplate just scarfing them down, along with a swig of the finest bourbon in your household. It’s a very evil thing to do, but the temptation is fierce. You’re hungry because you’ve used every available ingredient in the house to whip those cookies out. You can’t go anywhere, it’s the wee hours of the morning on Christmas day so everything’s closed. You’re going to be taking a long and hard look at those baked goods until you fall asleep. This is about where you start giving yourself a pep talk to not eat those cookies. Check out “Levitation” below via the SoundCloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Long sold out 2010 release. We have a very small stash of copies in stock straight from the artists. From an edition of 500

"Full length collaboration between Ellen Fullman, Theresa Wong, and Barn Owl produced by The Norman Conquest. Barn Owl''s extended drones and Theresa and The Norman Conquest''s strings are the perfect accompaniment to Fullman''s Long Stringed Instrument; a product of her own invention. This is an album of deep material of a complexly emotional nature. Eternal ragas for the infinite now. Recorded in the pastoral setting of the Headlands Center For The Arts. In 1981 Ellen Fullman began developing the “Long String Instrument,” an installation of dozens of wires fifty feet or more in length, tuned in Just Intonation and ‘bowed’ with rosin coated fingers. Fullman has developed a unique notation system to choreograph the performer’s movements, exploring sonic events that occur at specific nodal point locations along the string-length of the instrument. She has recorded extensively with this unusual instrument and has collaborated with such luminary figures as composer Pauline Oliveros, choreographer Deborah Hay, the Kronos Quartet, and Keiji Haino." - Important Records

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