RIYL: The Album Leaf, Peter Broderick, Eluvium

Label: Western Vinyl

While Explosions in the Sky were carving their¬†name into the burgeoning post-rock landscape of the early 2000s with shimmering guitar leads and crashing waves of noise, Balmorhea found a different route to the heart of Texas. ¬†While most of the guitar-centric post-rock groups followed the electric approach, Balmorhea frontmen Mike Muller and Rob Lowe illustrated their worlds with warm acoustic instrumentation, minimal piano and field recordings. ¬†Not quite¬†classical music and not quite post-rock, their 2008 release Rivers Arms sounded familiar and, at the same time, like nothing we’d heard before.

Clear Language is their 6th full-length, the first since 2012’s Stranger. ¬†Now a full 5-piece band, Balmorhea has evolved their sound with each album, experimenting with new textures and song structures. ¬†They’re essential for any fan of¬†Brian Eno’s ambient works, 20th century classical composers and any instrumental music with a bent for experimentation. ¬†The white vinyl for Clear Language has already sold out on Western Vinyl’s online store, so grab a copy from Amoeba Records after the ‘buy’ link before they’re gone.

The Details

500 pressed on white vinyl.
Large full-colored poster.
Digital Download included.

Price $29.98

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