RIYL: The Album Leaf, Peter Broderick, Eluvium

Label: Western Vinyl

While Explosions in the Sky were carving their name into the burgeoning post-rock landscape of the early 2000s with shimmering guitar leads and crashing waves of noise, Balmorhea found a different route to the heart of Texas.  While most of the guitar-centric post-rock groups followed the electric approach, Balmorhea frontmen Mike Muller and Rob Lowe illustrated their worlds with warm acoustic instrumentation, minimal piano and field recordings.  Not quite classical music and not quite post-rock, their 2008 release Rivers Arms sounded familiar and, at the same time, like nothing we’d heard before.

Clear Language is their 6th full-length, the first since 2012’s Stranger.  Now a full 5-piece band, Balmorhea has evolved their sound with each album, experimenting with new textures and song structures.  They’re essential for any fan of Brian Eno’s ambient works, 20th century classical composers and any instrumental music with a bent for experimentation.  The white vinyl for Clear Language has already sold out on Western Vinyl’s online store, so grab a copy from Amoeba Records after the ‘buy’ link before they’re gone.

The Details

500 pressed on white vinyl.
Large full-colored poster.
Digital Download included.

Price $29.98

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