So, since there are still unsold Spring Break Tapes releases to write about, I’ll continue to do so until I run out. Auxiliary Priest’s In the Last Days Of The Sutro Fog is a trial. As the soulless drones play on, it feels like they grind away with every ring. The distortion wails and wails – it’s exhausting. There’s sputtering, scratching, bubbling. This brings to mind those moments in shows/films where the character(s) are turning the knobs on the radio violently in an attempt to find a signal, as they find themselves stranded, but they’re only met with the hellish static that occupies numerous unused bands. You may find yourself feeling like those godforsaken characters – having the idea of loneliness being drilled in to your consciousness as the static wears on. In the Last Days Of The Sutro Fog is devoid of any happiness and, hey, misery loves company, right? Listen to In the Last Days Of The Sutro Fog via the Bandcamp player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

The fog could be the only anchor you had to life outside the bubble. It felt like a clock made of pressure and water droplets and air. We added to and took from it with our breathing. Some afternoons on Fulton, walking uphill towards the park, it felt like personalized rain. It was there to help us. It kept things alive, if causing limited visibility and a few car crashes.

I bottled some before we left. As a joke, maybe. "It'll be nice to take this along." I didn't intend it as theft, or as a prank. I didn't have any idea I'd be saving the last of a sentient lifeforce on the brink of extinction.

This is what it remembers about its life in the last days of the Sutro fog.

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