RIYL: dub techno

Label: LL.M.

LL.M. 002 has gotten a limited edition repress after both of its iterations sold out last year. Side A has tracks from Annanan and side B gets tracks from Space Afrika. “Willis,” the first track on the record and from Annanan, is a fuzzy, haphazard take on acid techno. “Anne,” the second track, is a meditative, somber ambient-bent track with dub techno sensibilities. Dub chords heartily chime in to space and a hefty driving kick drum rings to usher the song forward. Space Afrika’s “Untitled” tracks (yes, both are untitled) are no-nonsense dub techno tracks a la the icy ethos of Yagya and to a certain extent G.R.I.T. or even Teemu T. Space Afrika’s tracks are something to kick back to and soak in, like a light mist on a warm day. Listen to all the tracks below via the Bandcamp stream and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Limited 2017 repress
ยท 12-inch vinyl w/ black I/O sleeve and innersleeve
ยท 180g pressing

[ PLEASE NOTE ] No download or stream of the LLM002 files included.

Price $10.74

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