Ah, and just like that… the weekend is here. I started out the week with a release from Low Point so I might as well end it with a release from Low Point, right? Alex Cobb and Aquarelle, two excellent ambient/drone artists, joined forces for this seamless split release. Alex Cobb starts it off with “Anamnesis,” which reminds me of an early incarnation of The Album Leaf with its whitewashed drone and fat synthesizer strikes. “The Body is the Mirror,” the second and last track by Alex Cobb, is reminiscent of early Windy & Carl as the guitars’ distortion and faint chimes (which work with expert synergy) are looped and stacked in to a creeping tidal wave of calm. The last track, Aquarelle’s “A Shifting Visage,” is something you’ll find hard not to be enthralled by if you’re a Stars of the Lid fan. This was released almost two and a half years ago but there are still seemingly plenty copies left (fortunately and unfortunately). Check out Split below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

“Artists sharing a split record are akin to being roommates, with their share of common spaces yet separate headquarters. Such an undertaking tends to bring about elements of juxtaposition, contrast and union. This Low Point release from Alex Cobb & Aquarelle encompasses these and many more in a seamless fashion, breathing an ease of cohabitation throughout.

One side of the vinyl LP picks up where the other left off and there is a manifest impression of torch-bearing with a common decisiveness within these pieces. Their work may be seen not in opposition, but rather as an alternative to the otherwise microwaved and unimaginative drones steadily filling up the modern musical landscape.

Gracing upon themes of immanence, embodiment and metamorphosis, it embarks the listener into deeply immersive sonic territory. The shades and nuances are undeniably subtle but also rich and vast, which makes entering the dwelling of these artists both a mystifying, yet coherent experience all at once.” Samuel Landry, September 2011

released 24 October 2011

Price $9.9

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