After going from Trensmat Records‘ site to the Bandcamp page for Antony Milton, I don’t know what to believe – is there a second period or not in his name A.M? I’m thinking it’s the latter and Trensmat screwed up the name but perhaps Antony Milton wants that second period there after all. From the intro track “Fake Union of Uplifted Charlatans” moody, heavily distorted and dark psychedelic guitar riffs to “Glassworld” and its mind-melting electric guitar drone with sparse organic drumming to “Helioscope” and its spacious and ambient tapestry of sound to “EightoEight” and its jeering and jarring wave of bass, it’s a record that can challenge you and soothe you. That was probably a run-on sentence, but that’s ok. What’s important is that you pre-order this while you still can, because Trensmat is apparently only pressing an amount according to how many pre-orders they get in. They unfortunately don’t specify what color it will be pressed in, though.  Check Dragonfly out below via the Soundcloud preview stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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From a distance, a dragonfly is a hypnotically beautiful and graceful creature but if one unexpectedly flew right into one's face, no doubt one would emit an unholy and undignified squeal. The listener's reaction to Dragonfly, the 2nd Trensmat long-player from NZ's primo human musical bubble machine Antony Milton, may well take a reverse path. From a distance there is terror and unholy squalling noise but, on closer inspection, there is beauty, grace, and, ok, some unholy squalling noise.

In opener Fake Union Of Uplifted Charlatans at least two whacked-out distorted solos trade licks (ably assisted upwards by distant spacey bleeps) while an elephantine and gloopy treated bassline trundles on, carrying its cosmic cargo with no little bemusement. The upbeat title track is built from the same stuff, though with a nervier, insectoid feel.

The following pair, Glassworld and Helioscope, bring you back to earth with a soft and successively woozy landing onto a fuzzy undergrowth of reverbed chords and throbs. But there is much to fear among the lush micro-greenery, as the predatory beasties of Eightoeight will attest - a hungry blind mass of globular bass larvae and mercilessly cutting high-end analogue pincers.

The incredible 13-minute closer True Believers blows what's left of the cobwebs off, both with an intensified blast of the preceding sonic firepower and a simultaneous warm mellow wave of goodness, given some structure by a scant muffled kick and a recurring snippet of soft descending keys before being eaten alive by a cacophonous industrial coda. The track's title has the suffix "(Live)" - though we do not know when, where, or for whom it was performed - but luckily we can all go back to that place and time via the modern wonder of the phonograph.

Hold on to your elongated abdomens for another thrilling bug-eyed flight of fancy around AM's audio garden!

The LP comes with digital copies of the tracks on the vinyl. Pre-orders will be immediately sent a link to the download package in WAV & MP3 format.

VERY limited edition coloured vinyl LP" in full colour card sleeve (+ 6 downloads).

Fake Union of Uplifted Charlatans (5:37)
Dragonfly (5:05)
Glassworld (5:17)
Helioscope (4:05)
Eighttoeight (7:21)
True Believers [Live] (13:17)

Jan 2014, TR041

Price $17.86

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