RIYL: Menomena, Tu Fawning, 31 Knots

Label: Altin Village & Mine

The brilliant sounds of Joe Haege (Menomena, The Dodos, & Tu Fawning) have propelled this new adventure into a reality, and this reality is dark and deep. The album Killer Brilliance starts with the bitter pill of isolationism, with each sound slowly reverberating into the other. As the album progresses, the unsettling tones, ghoulish in there construction puts us head long into what can be only described as a frightening horror film. However, the arrangements are beautiful and complex, stirring up what Joe described as “to get something dark and sinister out of our systems.” He goes on to say ” We’re all killers in some way or another, Some kill hope. Some kill honesty. Some kill fear. Some kill greed. Some kill out of greed. All kill, in some ways, for our sheer survival. However, the underlying fact is that so many ways of killing are simply amazing in their complexity. When you really dig into the details, one can see how there is no escaping a little bit of blood on everybody’s hands.”

This is something that will make waves, so get your hands on this before its gone!

Here is a blurb from the presskit:

White Wine feeds upon an extraordinarily diverse range of ingredients, including PJ Harvey, Liars, Beak>, Suicide, Minute Men, David Bowie, Chuck D and Diamonda Galas. “I like to make music that is played when a cafe is closed,” Haege cackles, “and not when it’s open.” Lyrically, meanwhile, Killer Brilliance exhibits Haege’s self-confessed “weird affinity for double entendres. It fits my thinking when attempting to cover the ground of a subject. In a world of art and media overload, and the unyielding barrage of advertising, it’s not easy to find any territory not already well-trodden. Many musicians seek to create music of a fantastic escapism, poetically reframing the harsh reality we’re all forced to swallow every day. It’s an unbelievable skill that I wish I had. However, I’m not one of these. For some weird reason, I have this need to hold onto the sheer madness of existence, all of the suffering and celebrating happening at the same time.«

Timely and unflinching, this is, by name and by nature, Killer Brilliance. Here’s to your health. You’ll need White Wine.

The Details

Limited edition white double vinyl with etched D side. Limited to 100 pressings, per Jim.

[Note: This is a preorder. All orders will be shipped by September 27th, 2017.]

Release Date: September 29, 2017

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Thanks to Jim Kühnel & Marcel Schulz for the tip!

Price $22

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