Another cool release from Spartan records that runs that line between Punk/Hardcore and Indie Rock. Feels like the direction I wish Taking Back Sunday would have taken, which I guess they kinda did, except I no longer have any interest in them. But yeah give a spin, if you’re fans of our writer Aaron Greufe’s posts then you’ll probably dig this as well.

On the vinyl note, shit, these are some amazing looking slabs of wax. Even if you didn’t like the music it’s almost worth buying this just to oogle over the vinyl. Spartan does it right, but you know this. Go getcha one.

The Details

When asked to describe The Foxery, each band member contributed one word: Passionate. Intense. Cathartic. Heavy. Genuine. Fun. In a sense, there could be no better way to characterize both the music and the poetically thrashing spirit of the Louisville sextet. Coming on the heels of several independent releases, incessant DIY touring, and months and months of persistent writing, The Foxery has found their home on Spartan Records with Unless, unquestionably their most prolific record to date. Thematically, Unless tackles massive questions against the backdrop of a dark and wandering musical journey; however, the story doesn’t end there. Amidst the darkness, there is a palpable sense of hope that builds as the record progresses. Subtle rhythm changes, melodic layers, and key modulations begin to alter the sonic landscape as the record reaches its crescendo where it ultimately ends in a place of redemption.

First pressing limited to 300 copies:

* Gold/Black Half and Half with Black Splatter (150)
* Gold in Clear (Color in Color) with Black and White Splatter (100)
* Gold/Black Swirl (50)

Full color, hand-numbered jacket printed on uncoated stock with black dust jackets and vellum insert.

Thanks to John Frazier / Spartan Records for the tip!

Price $20

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