RIYL: The War on Drugs, Kurt Vile, Jason Molina

Label: Dead Oceans

Wow, Tim’s write up about this album (below) really got me. From the first time i saw these guys play about 10 years ago i’ve always been left thinking, shit, why don’t more people know of them. Absolutely fantastic Americana Rock that deserves a seat at the table. To hear that the My Morning Jacket guys were that invested in his music really shows that the music community gets how gold these tracks are. I’m so happy this album is going to make it out and my preorder happened right away.

The Details

This record wasn't supposed to be here.

I had thought for a moment Strand of Oaks might be over until a text from my friend, Carl Broemel, changed all that. Unbeknownst to me, four members of My Morning Jacket and Kevin Ratterman booked studio time to record songs I didn't think I’d ever write. But they believed I could and pulled me back from the brink. At last, the songs came–and quickly morphed into everything I've ever worked toward as this band.

These ten songs are about existing and continuing on, a testament to the hope that even if we feel like we are disappearing, there is that glimmer of light. You may not come out the same person you started as, but that'sokay. I'm glad this record is here now for whoever chooses to find it.

Welcome to Eraserland, where we all can start again. ~tim

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