Another great repress of a classically awesome STP album. Limited to 2500, soooo not terribly limited, but a must have in your grunge collection.

The Details

The debut album of Stone Temple Pilots (1992) built a heavy foundation for the subsequent career of this post-grunge Rock band. The hits "Creep" and "Plush" made heavy rotations on MTV, and pulled attention toward the album- making qualities of these San Diego based soon-to-be superstars. Instead of purely focusing on grunge's Punk esthetic, Stone Temple Pilots excelled with coherent, quality songwriting. Guitarist Dean DeLeo's inventive and distinctive guitar playing made him a true guitar hero to many junior axe slingers of the day. Scott Weiland's adventurous personality (ultimately resulting in years of forced rehab programs) shows in his strong and melodic Rock growl. Core ultimately reached third place on the Billboard 200, and "Plush" won a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance. The original LP contained all 12 songs on 2 sides; for best audio we've decided to give Core a double LP treatment, the 4th side containing a beautiful etch of the album's cover art.

Release date: 08/05/2013
Merchant SKU: LAFMOV3275
Label Music On Vinyl
180 Gram Vinyl Records - 2-LP - Sealed
Limited Edition - 2500
Colored Vinyl - Transparent
6MM Sleeve
Etched D-Side
Track Listing
Side 1
1. Dead & Bloated
2. Sex Type Thing
3. Wicked Garden
4. No Memory
5. Sin
Side 2
1. Naked Sunday
2. Creep
3. Piece Of Pie
1. Plush
2. Wet My Bed
3. Crackerman
4. Where The River Goes

Price $44

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